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Sinaloan Chemists Teach Dutch Narcos Eco-Friendly Ice Recipe, Challenge Vietnamese OCGs in Eastern Europe for Global Market Share
A more EncroChat-focused version of this story first appeared on Sinaloa cartel-linked freelance chemists have brought their eco-friendly meth recipe to the Netherlands, Dutch investigators say, as Low Countries producers challenge Vietnamese narcos in the Czech Republic for global market share. A record number of meth labs – 18 so far – have been seized in the Netherlands this year, according to a recent report published by OODA Loop.…
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Shadow Banker EXCLUSIVE: Leaked DEA, HSI, and FBI Report Exposes ‘New Fusion’ of Mexican Cartels Contracting Chinese Money Laundering Organizations in Chicago
A leaked intelligence report jointly authored by the Chicago branches of three separate federal law enforcement agencies documents a ‘new fusion’ between Mexican cartels and Chinese money-laundering organizations. This April 2020 report was among the BlueLeaks dump of unclassified, but sensitive, law enforcement data that was posted online in June by transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets. Chicago branches of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and…
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#BlueLeaks: Drug Traffickers Increasingly Laundering their Money via Crypto, DEA Says
Dope traffickers are increasingly exchanging their illicit proceeds for cryptocurrency, according to a leaked 2019 Drug Enforcement Administration intelligence bulletin. This bulletin stems from the BlueLeaks data dump and highlights a DEA Los Angeles Field Division investigation of a Southern California robbery crew that uses discounted bitcoin exchanges to entice victims. At first, Shadow Banker was intrigued by this overlay of gritty street-level violence over the fabled Blockchain of tech-buzzword…